People often ask: How did you get 46K+ Instagram followers?

I developed my social media savvy by channeling my experience as a longtime editor and writer into these new platforms.

A Long Island native, I studied art history and English at Yale before beginning my editorial career at Artforum. Then I spent a year in Spain, fulfilling a dream of becoming a foreign correspondent.

Back in New York, I found a venue to pursue for my passion for arts journalism at ARTnews, first as news editor and later, for 16 years, as executive editor. During my run, I led the editorial department, launched the century-old magazine into the digital era, and published hundreds of articles covering the culture wars, the rise of multiculturalism and globalism, and the changing shape of art museums.

Besides ARTnews, I've written for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, most of the major art magazines, and many other publications in the U.S. and abroad.

You can find a selection of my writing clips here.



In more recent years, responding to a shift in how content was produced and shared, I joined social media platforms including Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, building significant followings.

As arts institutions began publishing more and more digital and social media content, I decided to apply my experience in editorial strategy and professional training to this fast-changing field. After leaving ARTnews in 2014, I founded my consulting business, Robin Cembalest Editorial Strategies, to serve the growing need among institutions and individuals to evolve in this social media-driven communications world.

My services are custom-designed for each client. Some individuals need a one-hour boot camp to launch an elegant Instagram that conveys their personal and professional identities. At institutions, galleries, foundations, and professional organizations, I train staff at all levels on the why and how of social media, creating protocols for crafting brand- and mission-aligned content and implementing systems for time and content management.

I am committed to mentoring young people from diverse backgrounds to help build their careers. Through my group the Niboristas, I provide professional training, networking, and social capital for the next generation of art professionals.