"Robin offered a great outside perspective on our social media strategy, planning, and execution. I personally have gained confidence and vision for my social media feeds with her insight and guidance."

— Bethany Bentley, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution


Robin's teaching method is no-nonsense, direct and truthful. She showed us that Instagram is not just fun; it’s a very effective way to communicate about art.

— Wendy Hower, Director of Engagement and Marketing, Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University




"When Robin came on board, our team at the Center for Curatorial Leadership was in the middle of a time-intensive website and branding overhaul that included many complicated design components and content questions. It was daunting for a small team, and we needed to launch the new site in one month. Robin brought the energy and expertise that made it all possible. She worked side by side with us to reimagine, restructure, and refresh every aspect of our site. Her outside perspective not only invigorated the project at hand but also provided fresh ideas for how to enhance our social media channels and launch a vibrant news section on our site."

— Hannah Howe, former Chief Program Officer, Center for Curatorial Leadership


"Robin is a savvy editorial and social media strategist and a pleasure to work with. She has a knack for combining the most pertinent promotional details with personality and generosity. She was invited to present her workshop "Best Practices for Social Media for Networking, Activism, and Marketing" to No Longer Empty's 2016 NLE Curatorial Lab, and her presentation, advice, and feedback were crucial toward shaping NLE Lab's Instagram takeover to share their research process and promote their culminating exhibition. Robin's work didn't end there: She continued to support NLE Lab through the promotion of their final project on social media and continues to follow and support the work of NLE Lab alumni."

— Rachel Gugelberger, Director of NLE Curatorial Lab and Curator, No Longer Empty




"Robin Cembalest brings a unique skill set to her social media clients — a deep understanding of art history and contemporary art-world culture, the writing skills of a top-level journalist, and a down-to-earth approach — that maximizes efficiency for everyone involved. She was a tremendous asset to both my gallery and the Outsider Art Fair, giving us the guidance to take things to the next level on our own."

— Andrew Edlin, Owner, Outsider Art Fair and Andrew Edlin Gallery

"ADAA never had an organized social media strategy until Robin came on board. She identified and trained a staff who would eventually work on their own. She created original content to get us going and taught us the specific style of writing that is appropriate to this new medium. She explained how to maintain a blog that reflects the high quality of our membership but is still accessible and attractive to a larger public. We all enjoyed the experience, which was like taking an advanced seminar, and the response to our site and social media content has been excellent."

— Linda Blumberg, former Executive Director, Art Dealers Association of America


"Robin was incredibly helpful and insightful for our social media campaigns. She boosted the numbers across various platforms — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — and has provided a great base for us to build upon. Her attention to detail and the objects was also key." 

— Crispian Riley-Smith, Cofounder and Director, Master Drawings New York



"Robin's talk on social media strategies at BRIC drew a huge crowd from the art community and offered specific, concrete tips for making one's social media content more interesting, engaging, and attention-grabbing. She boasts an acute knowledge of the art world — in New York and worldwide — which makes the advice she offers right on target."

— Elizabeth Ferrer, Vice President of Contemporary Art, BRIC


"Robin graciously agreed to host a workshop at Twitter's N.Y.C. headquarters for Women of Color in Art & Media. It was a special opportunity for our guests and team members to learn from Robin's professional experience and gain a glimpse into her editorial process as it applies to social media. Robin provided actionable tactics, tips, and tricks for using various platforms successfully as an artist or arts organization and gave substantive examples.  The audience was very engaged, and we received wonderful feedback from the group on the session's versatility and liveliness. We'd welcome Robin again anytime and enjoy following her adventures through her social media feeds!"

— Ariel Adkins, Art and Culture Liaision, Twitter

“Drawing from her extensive editorial experience, Robin developed a rich and meaningful course on digital and interpersonal communication strategies. Her energetic style and attentive coaching eagerly motivated participants to adopt her suggestions for developing an authentic voice and creating memorable content. Participants especially enjoyed Robin’s playful interpersonal communication exercises that offered practical tips on building audiences and sustaining professional relationships, on and offline, through clear and impactful communication."

— Mario Torres, Manager, Artist in the Marketplace program, Bronx Museum of the Arts




"No matter how robust your social media program might be — no matter how nimble and clever — Robin Cembalest has ideas that can hone its competitive edge. Every public-facing enterprise needs to keep ahead in this fast-changing, crowded marketplace. Robin knows how."

Lillian Goldenthal, Vice President, Polskin Arts & Communications Counselors


"Robin consulted with the social media team at Nadine Johnson & Associates from April 2016 to January 2017. She was very effective and immediately changed the strategy for our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to create our unique voice, updated our working systems, and optimized our communication with other departments. Robin tied our broad range of clients together in one strategy that resulted in boosted engagement and increased followers. Her experience as Editor-in-Chief shined through when she taught us how to use words in short captions and still tell a captivating story. Robin fills the room with good vibes and made us eager to learn. I highly recommend Robin as a social media consultant!"

— Christina Wonsbeck, former Social Media Manager, Nadine Johnson & Associates




"Our gallery really needed help navigating the social media maze, and Robin was the perfect guide. She taught us how to select and crop images for maximum impact, develop editorial strategies, and tailor our posts to each platform."

— Jane Kallir, Codirector, Galerie St. Etienne


"I highly recommend Robin as a social media consultant to an art gallery, museum, or nonprofit arts institution. Her prolonged experience and expertise as an arts editor are a rare find in a world that is obsessed with celebrity culture and trendy taglines. In just a few sessions, she was able to target definitive ways for us to adapt the language we use for advertising and marketing to better fit social media norms. She definitively outlined what we should avoid and how to best promote the artwork and artists. We are confident now that we won't lose our unique voice with the transition."

— Marjorie Van Cura, former Senior Associate, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery 




"In a series of four workshops, Robin helped our team members from varied departments—youth and education services, employment, mental health, senior services, and arts—to rethink the way we use social media on multiple levels. She provided a realistic and actionable toolkit that we’re already using to convey our distinctive mission more effectively through our posts, improving our use of photography, setting up calendars and better systems for sharing photos, and leaving ineffective posts on the cutting room floor."

— Barbara Kancelbaum, Deputy Officer, Marketing & Communications, Henry Street Settlement


"My team and I at Mark Epstein Designs are forever indebted for the fabulous lessons we had with Robin. The Instagram page we created after we had our tutorial sessions has been a great sales tool — we constantly pull up images to show clients concepts as pictured as well as finding valuable resources through other posts."

— Mark Epstein, Mark Epstein Designs